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This year all our cut trees are premium and British grown. This means that they are cut later and arrive fresher and ‘greener’ than trees imported from the continent. The majority of this years Nordmanns are grown in Yorkshire, with the rest of the trees coming from Herefordshire and Scotland.

Pre-ordering secures you a tree with the option to change the tree selected by us on collection (stock levels permitting – we would recommend early collection as last years trees sold out very quickly).

Additionally we have a selection of handmade wreaths, tree stands and a limited number of beautiful decorative reindeer.

Were all keeping our fingers crossed that the festive season is going to be as special as always. We look forward welcoming you soon.

Preorder your Christmas Trees:

Please choose your preferred method at checkout.


Collections for nordman cut trees for sizes between 4ft & 11ft will be available from the  20th november

the rest of our tree collection will be available for collection on the 27th November

You can buy online and collect your trees, or other Christmas items at the nurseries any time we are open from November 20th.


Delivery’s start from November 22nd for cut Nordman trees for sizes between 4-11ft

for the rest of our tree collection we will be delivering from the 29th november

On checkout, please add in your delivery date in the ‘order notes box’ presented to you following the billing form week days (Monday – Friday) from November 22nd to December 18th.

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees:

Cut tree stands

Pot grown Christmas trees

Reindeer Collection

Christmas FAQs:

How much is delivery?2021-11-16T12:55:30+00:00

For orders within a 3 mile radius of our site there will be a £5 delivery charge on selection of the ‘local delivery’ option on checkout , Deliveries outside of our 3 mile radius will incur a £10 charge on selection of the ‘distant delivery ‘ option when prompted at checkout . 

Where do i collect my tree from?2020-11-09T14:49:54+00:00

Please bring a printed copy of your order with you to the nursery. You can choose from the tree we have selected for you or (stock allowing) choose your own.

How long do the reindeer last?2020-11-09T14:49:24+00:00

They are decorated with real foliage, they should look good for 4-5 weeks.

What’s the difference between a cut Christmas tree and a pot grown tree?2020-11-09T14:48:42+00:00

Pot grown trees are still living and if cared for properly should continue to do so. They are grown in their pot in the ground and retain a good root system when dug up. Many people keep and reuse a pot grown tree for a few years, or alternatively plant them in the garden after Christmas. Cut trees are no longer living and are just for one Christmas, cared for properly they should remain looking good for 4-5weeks.

How long will my tree last?2020-11-09T14:48:19+00:00

Our low needle drop varieties should remain looking good for 4-5weeks. For the best results place them in a water holding stand and water regularly.

How do I care for my tree?2020-11-09T14:43:10+00:00

Cut trees should be placed in a stand that holds water and are best placed away from a direct heat source. For best results keep the water topped up regularly.

Pot grown trees should be watered frequently enough to keep them damp.

What are your Christmas opening hours?2020-11-09T14:40:31+00:00

The nursery is open 9-7 Mon to Sat and 9-5 Sunday between November 27th – December 18th.

What size trees do you sell?2020-11-09T14:54:15+00:00

We sell trees from 3ft to 12ft.

Can i choose my own tree?2020-11-09T16:26:43+00:00

You can choose your own tree at the nursery. If you order online please choose collection. Then you can choose your tree on collection. 

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